From the time you slip them on...
you will find that CEBU boots are
the most COMFORTABLE boots
you have put on!


We bring you the Best Quality at the best affordable price!


Here are some features of why you should own a pair of CEBU Boots:

      1. The CEBU Boots are handmade with the best leather and raw materials
      2. Full grain leather upper that allows allows transpiration and circulation of air
      3. Goodyear Welt Special used for rubber soles
      4. Air spaces in the sole for impact absorption
      5. Filled with EVA material for more cushioning
      6. Excellent grip soles
      7. Better durability made in the soles
      8. Steel toe meets and exceeds the ANSI Z41, I75 and C75 (on certain models)
      9. Moisture absorption midsole
      10. Thermo-formed insole for high impact
      11. Internal reinforcement strip to avoid scraping

Click here for diagram to show features on the boot!

All CEBU Boots have the patented ComfortSole in every boot!

              Features of the ComfortSole and how they help your feet:

    1. Padded heel to handle high impact
    2. Arch support comfort
    3. Anti-bacterial surface
    4. Polyurethane sole
    5. Ventilation system to help minimize smell


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your employees!

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